BYO iPad - FAQ


​What other devices were considered?

As part of the College’s review of the use of ICTs, both Android and Windows devices were assessed. Whilst there is merit in the other platforms, the iPad has the largest variety of resources that can be used in a classroom environment. Although similar apps are available on Android devices, they do not always have the same functionality. To this extent, a single platform is preferable for classroom use with regard to maximising student outcomes.

For a number of years, Education Queensland has been working with schools in relation to Apple devices. Continued support and professional development is progressing in the area of mobile technology.

What apps are students required to have on their iPads?

A list of required apps is posted on our College website. Students must have the compulsory applications on their iPads for all lessons. Most will be free, however there may be some that will have a small cost. Where possible, costs will be kept to a minimum. There may be times during the year where students will be required to download apps due to specific subject demands. This will be communicated to families by the relevant faculties involved.

How can we monitor what students access on their device?

Web filtering has its benefits, however these systems are not foolproof and will never block 100% of inappropriate content. Should there be a concern with the access to certain content, it is advisable for parents to raise this with the classroom teacher.

We expect students to take responsibility for their use and their device. The school will assist students in developing this responsibility and resilience with the use of these devices. This will not only help with this device, but also with other communication tools such as phones.

To assist with securing the device, we will support documentation including instructions on setting parental controls, privacy and restrictions options in our iPad Help section. Links to Cybersafety information and services will also be provided.

Students will need to sign and abide by the Acceptable use of ICT facilities and devices agreement.

Can I bring any iPad?

The College recommended device is:

  • 32 GB Wi-Fi standard 9.7" iPad (6th generation - 2018 model) with an Apple Pencil.
  • We strongly recommend the Wi-Fi only model over the 3G model to reduce the cost to parents and to ensure internet traffic at the College is filtered.
  • iPads should be in a protective case to prevent/minimise accidental damage.
  • Families will make their own decisions about where and how to purchase iPads and accessories.

Other devices are acceptable (e.g. iPad Mini 2, 3 or 4, iPad Air or Air 2 and 5th Generation iPads) however these devices need to be capable of running iOS 11. Please note that while cheaper, iPad Minis do loose some functionality due to a smaller screen. A 32GB iPad is recommended for school however, parents may choose a higher capacity model if they wish. Note that Apple Pencils will only work with 6th Generation iPads and iPad Pros.

How do I set it up? What help can I get?

Links to help instructions and videos available on the Apple website, will be available from the school website.

Parents will need to set up the device with their own iTunes account to be able to access the texts and resources specified by the school. This is also a method by which restrictions and parental controls can be utilised.

What if I can’t provide a device?

Students of families unable to provide a device will be supported with access to a suitable ICT device during the school day if required following consultation with the Head of Department (IT).

What will happen when my child gets to the senior school?

At present Year 10 - 12 students are using laptops in our 1:1 learning Program. The school will continue looking at the best device options for our students when they get to Senior Secondary. As technology evolves, this may not be the same devices as currently being used in these year levels.

Should I insure my child's iPad?

WHSC strongly recommends that all personal electronic devices are insured against accidental damage, loss and theft. Personal electronic devices may be insured as separate items on your home and contents insurance. You should contact your insurer to discuss the availability of this option. Alternatively, there are insurers that work specifically in the portable electronic device market. We recommend you investigate available options and fully insure your child’s device.

Do I need to purchase a protective case for my child’s iPad?

Students must have a protective case protecting their iPad at all times. A protective case will help improve the longevity of the device and ensure minor drops and knocks will not cause expensive damage. Protective cases are readily available from a large range of stores and websites. However, it is recommended at minimum the case has a stand or support structure that allows the device to be supported upright while on the student’s desk.

Do I need to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard to assist with word-processing requirements?

External keyboards are an optional device that families can decide on purchasing. It is suggested that you try the device before purchasing as their effectiveness varies from keyboard to keyboard. Some students also may find the keyboard more difficult to use than the touch keyboard.

What type of headphones are students allowed to use with their device?

In-the-ear headphones or over-the-ear headphones are both suitable for school use. Students will need a working pair to use during lesson time.

Do students have download limits at the College?

Students have a download limit across all their access on the Whites Hill State College network. Students have an allocated 5GB of data per month. This data does not roll over at the end of each month. If students exceed their limits they will be required to purchase additional usage from the College office.

Can students charge iPads at school?

Students are required to ensure their iPads are fully charged and ready to use each school day. There may be opportunities to recharge at school but this is not going to always be possible.

Can students have personal information, application and games stored on their iPads?

Students are allowed to have games, music, videos and applications of their own choice stored on their iPads. However, use of the iPad that does not meet the signed ICT User Agreement will result in students receiving disciplinary action. Students must also have sufficient memory available for any applications or work that is designated by their classroom teachers.

Last reviewed 09 May 2019
Last updated 09 May 2019