​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Primary school years are from Prep to Year 6 at Whites Hill State College.

Curriculum content covered is aligned to the Australian National Curriculum and the college follows and implements curriculum delivery using C2C resources (Curriculum into the classroom) which are provided by the Department of Education Queensland.

Along with this the Primary school has a great focus on the areas of Literacy and Numeracy.

Literacy reading groups are part of all year levels from Year 1-6. Reading groups are ability based and structured to enhance reading comprehension and assist in the development of reading. In reading groups students are exposed to the 5 aspects of Reading – Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Knowledge of text and Knowledge of the world.

Numeracy groups also follow this structure where students are ability group based and numeracy support is provided based on the 4 aspects of Numeracy – Fluency, Understanding, Problem Solving and Reasoning.

A key focus area of the Primary school is our Prep Reading Program. We believe a strong foundation in reading is the best way to start our student’s love of reading. This program has proved very successful, with great result and great partnerships with families formed, as our newest students begin their schooling. We are very proud of this program and we have been sharing our success with other schools.

We cover all of the major key learning areas including, English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, The Arts, Technology, Health and Physical Education and Languages.

Our Health and Physical education program encourages all students to participate in activities such as swimming (in our college pool) cross country and athletics. We also offer interschool sport for year five and six.

Our Japanese program starts in Year 5 and continues on through the college. This is an amazing curriculum offering.

We have a music program that encompasses specialist music lessons, classroom lessons and beginner’s bands and choirs. Our Music program is award winning.

There is a major focus on online learning and this is enhanced by interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. Students are provided with extended learning opportunities through the use of Mathletics online, Reading Eggs online, Sunshine online readers and Study ladder. 

Our school curriculum delivery is enhanced by support staff including Students with Disabilities Teacher, Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy, Reading Recovery Teacher, teacher aide support and Advisory Visiting Teachers. We are also very happy to be including even more support under the “Great results guarantee” by providing teachers working solely on targeted areas of reading and numeracy.

We encourage and build on the unique links we have P-12. We are continually striving for a seamless education and transition from Primary into Secondary Schooling. Our focus on Numeracy and Literacy in particular Reading takes on a P-12 approach. This allows our students to move through the college using a common language. This also allows our staff to use the expertise available P-12 to develop and support the best outcomes for our students.

French Bilingual Program

Students enrolled in the French Bilingual Program receive a binational education based on both French and Australian curricula.

At the completion of their primary school education, students will have developed all the skills required to enrol in either a French, a bilingual or an Australian secondary school. ​​

For more information about our French Bilingual Program click here.

Last reviewed 10 May 2023
Last updated 10 May 2023