Out of school hours care

  • Before School Care
  • After School Care
  • Vacation Care

Community Connections OSHC
utside School Hours Care) - Prep to Grade 9

Community Connections is based at Whites Hill State College (Abbott street entrance) and welcomes all families to participate in our child care service.

(Child Care is also available to families who do not attend Whites Hill State College particularly during school holidays). Enquiries are welcome throughout the year.

Before School Care 6.30am to 9.00am

  • Relaxed, informal atmosphere where children can participate in quiet activities.
  • Outside play or enjoy our interactive inside space.
  • Breakfast is provided, if required, at a cost of $1 per child.  This will include cereal, toast with various spreads, fruit, water and on special days bacon and eggs or pancakes.

After School Care 3pm to 6pm

  • Experiences include arts and craft, cooking, indoor/outdoor games.
  • Homework support for Year 3 and up, learning stations and free play choices.
  • Afternoon tea is provided, no extra cost.
  • Area for children to express their ideas and thoughts on what they would like to incorporate into the after school care/vacation care program and weekly menu.

Vacation Care 6.30am to 6pm
(limited vacancies so be sure to book early)

  • Our program for children during the holidays incorporates the values of family life, learning & engaging experiences.
  • Programming will include excursions and other recreational, sporting and creative experiences.
  • Afternoon tea is provided.  Please send a nutritious and plentiful lunch each day, with ice bricks.
  • We encourage the children to participate in Programming and Planning. Discussions are held with the children on a regular basis to brainstorm the program.

Casual enrolments are available for Vacation Care and families from the local and surrounding areas are welcome to access the service.

Youth Group - BSC, ASC and VAC - Years 6 to 9

  • Our service provides families with the peace of mind that young people in Years 6 to 9 are offered care in a safe and engaging environment.
  • Our youth group facility is designed so students learn and develop new skills through experiences.
  • Homework and self-guided study is encouraged.
  • Each program incorporates their ideas and interests associated with their age group.  Your child (while supervised) will be given the opportunities to encounter and engage with life lessons, enjoy social interactions with their friends and have fun.


Our vision is to create a Play & Leisure environment. Children can actively play or ‘just chill’ in a safe and secure setting.  We encourage families to interact with their children, while families and educators build positive partnerships. The service strives to create a space where each unique child or young person is provided with an interactive environment that allows & promotes; Play, Growth, Learning while developing each unique skill set, as our Educators nurture each child's strengths and interests.


  • We aim to provide a physically safe and emotionally secure setting that is clean, safe and welcoming.  This environment provides opportunities where children can have fun, explore, socialize and expend their interests using a variety of experiences. 

  • We encourage a supportive confidence-building atmosphere that promotes physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social growth

  • We believe that all children are equal and have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Access to quality child care is the right of each child regardless of the financial circumstances, cultural background or geographical location of the family.

  • We offer an environment with programs to support each child’s capabilities and interests according to their individual needs.

  • We support the family unit by acknowledging the importance of the link between the family and the child care option that they choose.  We encourage a spirit of warmth and respect between parents, the children and their educators.

  • We provide qualified/qualifying educators who show genuine friendship and concern for the children in their care and a service that is safe and well supervised.

  • The protection of each child from physical or emotional harm of any kind is the obligation of each member of our community.  Staff, parents, educators and members of the wider community will have the  opportunity to communicate their ideas, feelings and concerns in an atmosphere of respectful consultation

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our service supports children attending extracurricular activities on campus that are run by the P&C Association, Whites Hill State College or other accredited organisations. An OSHC educator can drop off and pick up children from lessons with permission forms in place.

  • Swimming Club - Swimming lessons to squad
  • Tennis Lessons during Before School Care
  • Other seasonal activities e.g. Soccer and AFL

Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate

You can apply for Child Care Benefit & Child Care Rebate through the Department of Human Services.

It is the parent’s responsibility to apply for CCB & CCR and until such time that the FAO advises us of your eligibility we will charge full fees.  

The Child Care Rebate is also available for parents to reduce their out of pocket expenses and this can be paid to the service for fee reduction.  Families can nominate for CCR to be paid direct to service.

AN EXAMPLE  (depending on individual circumstances) some families pay: $.50 to $5.45 out of pocket for Before School Care, $1 to $8.45 out of pocket for After School Care and $2 to $18 a day out of pocket for Vacation Care

Community Connections OSHC is a subcommittee of the Whites Hill State College P&C Association


Last reviewed 24 February 2020
Last updated 24 February 2020